Thursday, June 27, 2019

Drag Witches #2

I was asked by Liora to make the witches a bit more soft and not as scarey as I`ve drawn them, and then to make their lips a bit less artificial. This is what I did

Drag Witches #1

In the advanced Illustration workshop, we were asked to choose a text we liked or wanted to give our own interpretation to. I chose a story about 5 wild witches by the Israeli author  , Ronit Hacham, who tells the story in a very vivid and colorful way. Liora didn`t allow those who have chosen this story to represent the witches in the old traditional way of black clothes and pointy hats, we had to think who are witches in our society are. After thinking about it, and the meaning of witches as the ones who challage society`s order and breaking all rules, I`ve decided to choose drag queens as my witches, and here is my second attempt in trying to figure out how they will look

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Drawing environments

In this exercise we were asked to draw an environment from a list of texts describing landscapes out of various books that Liora gave us. environment drawing was always very challenging for me, even though I study scenery design for bachelor degree, I found it too demanding and less interesting. I decided to face my discomfort and do my best. I feel pretty good with my attempts and hope you will enjoy them too. The first illustration is for a text from a book which was only published in hebrew so far, "Red`s Journey" by Tamar Lev an israeli illustartor, that tells the story of aboy and his dog going to mars. The second  
illustration is the description from the openning of Tove Jannson`s "Tales from Moominvalley". The exercise was also to develope our colors skills and I enjoyed exporing this too different environments very much

3 Little Pigs

 In this project the mission was to choose 3 members of an animals family members  in anthropomorphism form and also to do a study of using gray scale and another color in colored pencils. I choose the three little pigs in a chinese villagers style version. You can see here  the development from selfie version, to extreme sport version, and my sense of humor  developed as well

The Puss in Boots - Creating couple illustration

 In this project I was challenged  to explore and develop  my sense of humor in illustration, guided step by step by Liora, who was very kind and patient with me and my . developing skills. The sudents were asked to create a couple only in black and white, with as little details as can be, to represent the puss in boots and a female partner by our choice. You can see here all the stages till the last one of me getting there. Try to recognize the lady partners 

Red Riding Hood

After a long while, that I haven`t posted here any new works, because of a very busy and challenging year, I wish to share here some of the works I`ve been working on in the passing year in an illustration course I`ve participated in that was guided and taught by the famous and talented illustrator Liora Grossman. I will start with one of the projects, that I   really enjoyed drawing and developing  in the on going process of work, through . . Liora`s guidance. The students were asked to create their own version of little red riding    hood, that was inspired by a culture that was given to them by Liora. I was given the russian  culture to study and explore, and it was such an interesting culture to explore and discover, as some of my family roots are connected to this culture. I`m adding here some of the results of the illustrations I`ve created after the research and study. hope you enjoy it as much as I did doing it